Odhlášení z Windows a ukončení běžících aplikací (Force logoff)

shutdown /l /f

Parametry příkazu shutdown

/l Log off. This cannot be used with /m or /d options.
/f Force running applications to close without forewarning users. The /f parameter is implied when a value greater than 0 is specified for the /t parameter.

/s Shutdown the computer.
/r Shutdown and restart the computer.
/g Shutdown and restart the computer. After the system is rebooted, restart any registered applications.

/t xxx Set the time-out period before shutdown to xxx seconds. The valid range is 0-315360000 (10 years), with a default of 30. If the timeout period is greater than 0, the /f parameter is implied.

/a Abort a system shutdown. This can only be used during the time-out period.

/i Display the graphical user interface (GUI). This must be the first option.